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S12 E10: Jane Street’s Ugo Egbunike on ETFs, and the Comforts and Benefits of Passive Investing

Ugo Egbunike, a fixed income specialist at Jane Street, joins DoubleLine’s Jeffrey Sherman and Samuel Lau on The Sherman Show during the InsideETFs conference in Hollywood, Florida. Mr. Egbunike kicks the episode off by recounting his time as a Bowdoin University undergrad with authorial aspirations and pre-med designs who would end up an econ major jumping into the then-“bleak” hiring market of 2009. (1:14) His first job at Kellogg Capital Markets introduced him to ETFs, a focus that led him to the San Francisco startup scene and Index Universe, where he was “baptized in the comforts and the benefits of passive investing, and the good that ETFs were doing.”

Topics that Mr. Egbunike discusses with Messrs. Sherman and Lau include quantifying “best” exposures amid marketing messages of “cheap cheap, fees fees” (10:52), Jane Street’s place in the ETF ecosystem (13:42), fixed income ETFs’ price-discovery function (21:42) and risk management of passive and active products (28:06). The three also cover the secondary market for Air Jordans (7:25), thematic ETFs (11:48) and the three things that Mr. Egbunike says every ETF investor should know (37:39). This episode was recorded June 1, 2022.

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