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S12 E4: Women in Investment Management, the Brussel Sprout Utility Sector and Fallen-Angel Bailouts
DoubleLine’s Jeffrey Sherman and Sam Lau welcome Ellen Carr, principal and high yield portfolio manager at majority-women-owned Barksdale Investment Management and adjunct professor of finance at Columbia Business School, to discuss her book on the lack of women in investment management as well as her take on the state of high yield credit. Ms. Carr shares what drove her to coauthoring “Undiversified: The Big Gender Short in Investment Management” with Katrina Dudley (a PM at Franklin Templeton) and what they hope to achieve with the book (2:27). Ms. Carr delves into some of the factors that push women away from a lucrative financial career that offers a nice work-life balance. Among the topics she discusses are how families might inadvertently communicate to children at a very young age that investing is the purview of men (10:21), widening the on-ramp for women at the undergrad and MBA level (14:56), the psychocultural barriers that can keep women from advancing after being hired (21:00) and how employers can cast a wider net (28:57). The trio also reviews the high yield credit sector, with Ms. Carr talking about the lack of public outrage over the pandemic-driven government stimulus that effectively bailed out high yield investors versus the outcry over banker bailouts in 2008 (38:01) and how pandemic-era pressures helped clean up the sector (40:20). This episode was recorded March 15, 2022.

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