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TSS Episode 124: Sand Hill Global Advisors’ Brenda Vingiello on Managing Client Expectations

Jeffrey Sherman and Sam Lau welcome Brenda Vingiello, chief investment officer at Silicon Valley-based wealth management firm Sand Hill Global Advisors, to the latest episode of The Sherman Show, recorded Sept. 13, 2022, during the Future Proof Wealth Festival in Huntington Beach. Ms. Vingiello kicks off the podcast by sharing her career history and how she moved from the buy side to the advisory side at Sand Hill, where she and her team rely on the discipline from their institutional experience to guide their clients (1:30). The group then discuss what Ms. Vingiello and Sand Hill think of traditional asset classes versus the more private markets (3:53), how clients are responding to the firm’s outlook on inflation (6:58) and what the current environment means for Sand Hill clients who have retired or are getting closer to retiring (9:19). In their talk, Ms. Vingiello notes how commodities served as a “lifesaver” within Sand Hill’s diversified allocation coming into this year and how most of Sand Hill’s client base just likes traditional stocks and bonds.

Other topics covered include opportunities in the stock market (10:14), Sand Hill’s stance on the possibility of recession (11:44), the effectiveness of FOMC messaging (14:00) and putting big vacation plans on hold for the next year (16:34). In describing her relationship with clients, Ms. Vingiello says, “Such an important piece of what we do is helping people to not make a bad emotional decision at the wrong time with the market.”

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