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What's New

June 2020 – Week 4 Economic Recap: The Week in Review

Article: Fixed Income Returns and Yields – through May 2020

Article: Mortgage Market Q&A with Portfolio Manager Ken Shinoda

Commentary: May 2020 Market Commentary

Commentary: Macroeconomic Update – DL Macro-Asset Allocation Team – 1Q2020

Commentary: Structured Products Briefing 4-24-2020

Article: The Smart Beta (R)evolution – 1Q 2020

Article: DoubleLine Shiller Enhanced CAPE® FAQ

Podcast: S8 E19 Ed Hyman on COVID-19, Record Stimulus, MMT and a Positive “Perfect Storm”

Podcast: S8 E18 Moody’s Analytics’ Mark Zandi

Podcast: S8 E17 Elections Analyst Sean Trende

Podcast: S8 E16 Economist David Rosenberg Returns

Podcast: S8 E15 Risk-on Ruled for the Month of May

Podcast: S8 E14 Conference Board Economists van Ark and Lundh Discuss Their U.S. Forecasts

Podcast: S8 E13 Touring the Treasury Market with Gregory Whiteley

Podcast: S8 E12 What the CLO market can tell us about the state of corporate credit ft Joe Mezyk

Podcast: S8 E11 Global Economy, Policy Responses, and Global Markets with Bill Campbell

Podcast: S8 E10 Forbearance and Housing Market Implications ft Ken Shinoda

Podcast: S8 E8 Securitized Credit in 2020 ft. Andrew Hsu

Podcast: S8 E7 Market and Macro Update

Podcast: S8 E6 Talking Markets with Jeff Mayberry

Webcast: Jeffrey Gundlach’s “A Tale of Two Sinks” recap & replay available

Article: The EU and COVID-19 – Bill Campbell – March 30 2020

Video: Global Financial Market Review (3/5/20)

Phone Call: with Jeffrey Gundlach & Danielle DiMartino Booth 

Article: Bloomberg/Sherman – This-Is-the-Scariest-Gauge-for-the-Bond-Market_1-9-2020

Article: U.S. Fixed Income Asset Allocation Outlook – Jan 2020

Article: U.S. Mortgage-Backed Securities Outlook – Jan 2020

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