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What's New

February 2020 – Week 2 Economic Recap: The Week in Review

Article: Bloomberg/Sherman – This-Is-the-Scariest-Gauge-for-the-Bond-Market_1-9-2020

Podcast: S8 E4 Robert Stein, Founder & CEO of  Astor Investment Management

Commentary: January 2020_Commentary

Article: U.S. Fixed Income Asset Allocation Outlook – Jan 2020

Article: U.S. Mortgage-Backed Securities Outlook – Jan 2020

Article: The Smart Beta (R)evolution – 4Q 2019

Article: Monica Erickson “Why top-tier bonds are not as safe as they might seem”

Video: Monica Ericksonon CNBC Halftime Report

Article: Let’s Talk Total Return Strategy – Sept 2019

Video: Jeffrey Gundlach on CNBC Fast Money Halftime Report

Video: London Event with Jeffrey Gundlach: Equity (9/12/19)

Video: London Event with Jeffrey Gundlach: Gold (9/12/19)

Commentary: MAG Economic Update Strategy – 3Q 2019

Video: Jeffrey Gundlach on CNBC Fast Money Halftime Report (9/18/19)

Video: Jeffrey Sherman on CNBC Closing Bell (9/18/19)

Video: Floating Rate: Strategy, Philosophy, Process, Liquidity, Difference

Video: Total Return: Philosophy, Process, Volatility, Advantage

Video: Structured Products: Advantage, Sectors, Process, Management, Difference

Article: Be wary, investors: the Hong Kong protests still threaten world markets – Bill Campbell

Video: Bill Campbell on CNBC Fast Money Halftime Report (08/02/19)

Article: Money Markets and the Federal Reserve – by William Campbell (July 2019)

Article: DoubleLine CAPE® in a Rising Rate Environment

Video: Jeffrey Gundlach on CNBC Fast Money Halftime Report (5/7/19)

Video: Yahoo Finance Interview with Monica Erickson

Article: The Power of Copper-Gold, Mayberry – April 2019

Article: “Where Are We in This Economic Cycle” – Kimmel

Article: China Appetite for US Assets – Campbell – FinancialTimes 03-19-2019.pdf

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