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General Information
Information (National)
National Accounts
Nick Dalgety CFA (Manager)
Rafer Kingston CFA (Relationship Manager)
Todd Lawson (Relationship Manager)
Daniel Long (Retirement Services)
Institutional Relationship Managers
Fred Schachinger Manager (Northeast)
Chris Harlin (Central)
Barbara Ziegler (West)
Tonja Truesdell (Southeast)
Graham Hopper (Manager)
James Davison (West)
John Hussey (Northeast)
Jameson Love (Southeast)
Peter Nash (Central)
Investment Advisers
Graham Hopper Manager (West)
Michael Ryan (East)
Tyler Anthony (Central)
Regional Sub-Advisory Sales
Katherine Ali (Manager)
Matthew Baca (Central Region)
Ted Hospodar (Northeast Region)
John Ostrander (West Region)
International Relationship Management
Ron Redell (Asia Ex-Japan)
Joel Peña (Canada)
Emad Rajaie (Europe)
Kazuhiro Okamura (Japan)
Joel Peña (Latin America)
Emad Rajaie (Middle East & Africa)

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