Company Overview

DoubleLine is an independent, employee-owned money management firm committed to helping you achieve your investment goals. We offer an array of investment strategies and vehicles backed up by a consistent and tested portfolio management team.

Led by CEO-CIO Jeffrey Gundlach, DoubleLine was founded in 2009 when Mr. Gundlach came to believe his goal of asset management excellence was not shared by owners of the firm that his team had built to prominence over the preceding 24 years.

  • DoubleLine's Portfolio Managers have worked together for an average of 15 years and average 23 years of industry experience.
  • This consistency bolsters our philosophy, strengthens our process and encourages active participation from all team members.
  • The DoubleLine Portfolio Manager team has successfully navigated several market and credit cycles.

DoubleLine manages several types of investment vehicles:

Investment Vehicles Schematic

Active management permeates all stages of the investment process. Starting with the top-down macroeconomic outlook, which influences sector rotation, yield curve positioning and credit exposures, to the bottom-up security selection, each step in the process is focused on finding the best reward-to-risk opportunities.

Jeffrey Sherman, CFA
DoubleLine Deputy Chief Investment Officer

DoubleLine strives to integrate risk management with the pursuit of excess return while not crossing the double yellow line of risk on the road to successful investing.

Cris Santa Ana
Chief Risk Officer, DoubleLine

Client Experience

Our goal is to deliver better risk-adjusted returns to the client. Achieving this objective depends, in part, on avoiding unnecessary risk. At times, this might require closing strategies when they have reached capacity.

DoubleLine believes it should not sacrifice returns for growth. We want our clients to have the best experience possible. We emphasize the importance of security selection, trade execution, portfolio construction and sector allocation while relying on the firm's personnel and systems.

DoubleLine is employee-owned, which speaks to the stability and accountability of the team, reinforcing the principle that our interests are aligned with those of our clients.

Investment Philosophy

DoubleLine was founded to offer investment services under a cardinal mandate: deliver better risk-adjusted returns. This mandate includes the avoidance of risk-taking that historically has led to principal losses. DoubleLine emphasizes the importance of security selection, trade execution, portfolio construction, sector allocation, resourcing of the firm’s personnel and systems and ultimately the firm's ownership structure. Employee ownership reinforces the stability of the investment teams and its accountability. No outside decision-makers stand between the teams and our valued clients. In fact, the name “DoubleLine” voices our investment philosophy: like a careful motorist on a winding mountain road, the manager must not cross the double line into the oncoming lane of risk.

Investment Process

DoubleLine portfolio management teams maintain a consistent philosophy and process. While we adapt investment processes to the particulars of asset class and strategy, the following general principles guide our investment groups:

  • All investments need to start with risk analysis, not the traditionally taught benchmark comparisons. The key is how investment risks relate to each other across a portfolio, not how investments compare to benchmarks. DoubleLine believes risk-integration techniques help us build more successful portfolio foundations.
  • Investment ideas must offer an asymmetric, positively skewed risk-reward profile. Through careful analysis, selected securities and, in Core-type portfolios, sector overweights must offer greater potential payoff than potential loss.
  • DoubleLine constructs portfolios with an aim to outperform across a range of future scenarios. The firm shuns risk-taking based on unidirectional forecasts regarding interest rates, default rates or other variables that drive return.
  • No one can consistently predict changes in the level, direction or term structure of interest rates. DoubleLine does not manage portfolios based on attempts to anticipate changes in rates.
  • DoubleLine selects fixed income securities for the potential to build par value. DoubleLine never chases incremental income at the expense of the potential to build par value.
Awards and Accolades

Financial Advisor IQ Service Award - Asset Managers: Best Content and Commentary, Audio / Video Content


Financial Advisor IQ Service Award - Asset Managers: Best Content and Commentary, Macro Commentary


Financial Advisor IQ Service Award - Asset Managers: Best Content and Commentary, Portfolio Managers' Letters


Asian G3 Bond Benchmark Review - Top Investment House, US Asset Manager


Financial Advisor IQ Service Award - Asset Managers: Best Content and Commentary, Audio / Video Content


Luz Padilla Named One of the "100 Most Influential Women in U.S. Finance" by Barron's


"The Sherman Show" Named One of the "10 Must-Listen Podcasts" by Business Insider


Luz Padilla Named One of the "Top 10 Women in Asset Management" by Money Management Executive

2016 and 2018

Luz Padilla Named One of the "Top 20 Female Portfolio Managers in the U.S." by Citywire, USA


Jeffrey Sherman Named One of the "10 Fund Managers to Watch" by Money Management Executive


DoubleLine Honored With Chief Investment Officer Magazine's Asset Management and Servicing Winner - Fixed Income/Credit


Jeffrey Gundlach Inducted Into the FIASI Fixed Income Hall of Fame

2012, 2015 and 2016

Jeffrey Gundlach Named "50 Most Influential" by Bloomberg Markets Magazine


DoubleLine Named Risk Magazine's "Institutional Investor of the Year" for Shiller Enhanced CAPE®

2013, 2014 and 2016

DoubleLine Honored With Institutional Investor’s U.S. Fixed Income - Mortgage-Backed Securities Award


DoubleLine Honored With Institutional Investor's U.S. Fixed Income - Core Plus Fixed Income Award


DoubleLine Named Risk Magazine's "Asset Manager of the Year"


Jeffrey Gundlach Named One of the Most Powerful People by Forbes


Jeffrey Gundlach Named "Money Manager of the Year" by Institutional Investor


Jeffrey Gundlach - Nominee for Morningstar "Fixed Income Manager of the Decade"


Jeffrey Gundlach: Morningstar's Fixed Income Manager of the Year Keynote Address - "Subprime Is a Total Unmitigated Disaster and It's Going to Get Worse."


Best Active ETF Issuer ($100 million-$1 billion)

2017, 2018, 2019, 2021

DoubleLine Shiller Enhanced CAPE® named Refinitiv Lipper Best Large-Cap Value Fund Over 3-Year Period" by Thomson Reuters.

2019, 2020 and 2021

DoubleLine Shiller Enhanced CAPE® Named "Refinitiv Lipper Best Large-Cap Value Fund Over 5-Year Period" by Thomson Reuters.


DoubleLine Awarded Fund Intelligence's "Sales Success of the Year - Mutual Funds"