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MMM Episode 68: Tough Fed in Town, Digital Tulips and Music City Home Prices

DoubleLine’s Jeff Mayberry is once again joined by Eric Dhall, a trader and quantitative analyst on the firm’s Cross Asset team who is subbing for Samuel Lau at the end of the holiday-shortened market week of May 31-June 3. Jeff kicks off the review of a relatively quiet week with a look at equities, which are operating under a conflicted dynamic where strong performance draws a Fed reaction. This is a reversal from the Fed’s long run of moving to boost the market. Bank loans were a standout on the fixed income side, where Eric notes that bonds do look attractive at these levels. (5:31) Commodities remained strong year-to-date*; Bitcoin remained the year’s worst performer. (8:46) Over in Macro Land, housing prices were up 21% in March, putting further pressure on consumers. (11:32) After running through a mixed bag of macro metrics and discussing Fed rate hike expectations, Jeff and Eric look to next week (22:00), which will bring data on consumer credit as well as a new CPI reading.

*For a deeper look at commodities, check out Jeff and Sam’s DoubleLine Strategic Commodity Webcast: Driving Season (recorded May 24, 2022).

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