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S10 E6 Larry McDonald Brings Together Inflation Risk, Yield Curve Control and Reconciliation

DoubleLine’s Jeffrey Sherman and Samuel Lau welcome political risk expert Lawrence McDonald, a New York Times bestselling author and regular contributor to CNBC, to “The Sherman Show.” Mr. McDonald is the creator of a finance and politics talk show on RealVision and The Bear Traps Report, a research platform with actionable trade ideas, which he serves up in this episode, recorded March 23, 2021. In addition to tips on shaping your portfolio, Messrs. Sherman, Lau and McDonald discuss the possibility of a supply-side squeeze in commodities, the Federal Reserve addressing inequality by a refocus from supporting assets to boosting the labor force and trillions moving out of tech stocks into value stocks. Of that equity shift, Mr. McDonald says, “I’ve never been more certain about a high-conviction thesis than this.” He also anticipates the Democrat-controlled Congress in the fourth quarter will use the reconciliation process to pass another trillion-dollar measure in the form of an infrastructure bill, widening already historic debt. As far as the Fed instituting yield curve control, Mr. McDonald sees it as inevitable while Mr. Sherman is skeptical Fed officials want to go down that slippery slope.

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