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S11 E12: Cleo Capital’s Sarah Kunst on Navigating Today’s Venture Capital Environment

Sarah Kunst, Managing Director at Cleo Capital, an early-stage venture capital fund, joins the Sherman Show to discuss among other topics her career, her approach to researching prospective start-up companies for investment, the tech-driven compression of business life cycles from start-up to IPO to end, what she looks for in people who join Cleo Capital’s team and why she believes the current cycle of VC investment is in its early innings.

On the latter topic, speaking with DoubleLine’s Jeffrey Sherman and Samuel Lau, Ms. Kunst acknowledges the unprecedented size of VC funds and the amount of VC capital flowing into tech companies. “It feels like a firehose, and you look historically (and see) there’s more VC historically than there’s ever been. Yeah, because there’s more technology in our lives than there’s ever been.”

On the convergence of questions and factors that combine into her decision to see a start-up company (25:32), Ms. Kunst says, “Do we believe this space is an interesting space? What do we believe about the solution to the problem? Do we think this is the right team for the solution? And do we think that we’re the best-suited investors to help them build it?”

Among Cleo Capital’s portfolio companies, Ms. Kunst singles out robotic-farming entrepreneur Greenfield Robotics (13:32). “The reason you want a robot farming for you is they can pull weeds more effectively, which means you don’t need pesticides, and it turns out that pesticides and GMOs are really, really, really bad if we think we’re going to keep growing food on this planet.

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