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S11 E9: Yaya J. Fanusie on Crypto Cheerleading, Digital Asset Due Diligence and CBDC Trailblazer China

DoubleLine’s Jeffrey Sherman and Sam Lau welcome Cryptocurrency AML Strategies founder Yaya J. Fanusie, an adjunct senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security who early in his career gave up the high-stress job of high school math teacher for work as a CIA counterterrorism analyst. Now in the private sector, Mr. Fanusie researches and consults on cryptocurrency through a counterterrorism and anti-money-laundering mind-set. Messrs. Sherman, Lau and Fanusie discuss press releases presented as news in the crypto space (7:03); how Mr. Fanusie’s CIA training helps him assess the risks of digital assets, including the presence of criminal activity (9:35); the importance of due diligence for banks looking into crypto partnerships (13:51); and why Bitcoin might be a bigger draw for Miami Beach waiters than bankers (16:28), among other topics. Messrs. Sherman and Lau bring up the threat of being scammed by players in the new world of digital assets, with Mr. Fanusie confirming the danger but also noting that crypto scams are getting harder to pull off as the sector matures (19:24). The trio also looks at the growing talk around central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) (25:11), China’s development of one as a tool for data collection (27:45) and how a left-right divide has already manifested in Congress over employment of CBDCs (39:51). This episode was recorded Sept. 14, 2021.

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