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Firm Overview

DoubleLine is an investment management firm and registered investment adviser.

  • Headquartered in downtown Los Angeles
  • DoubleLine Assets Under Management (AUM) as of December 31, 2017 over $118 billion

DoubleLine’s Accolades

  • DoubleLine was named Risk Magazine’s Institutional Investor of the Year” for Shiller Enhanced CAPE in 20161
  • Named Risk Magazine’s “Asset Manager of the Year” 2 in 2015
  • The DoubleLine team was recognized with Institutional Investors “U.S. Fixed Income—Mortgage Backed Securities” award in 2013, 2014 and 20163
  • Awarded “Bond Manager of the Year” by Foundations & Endowments Money Management in 20114

DoubleLine’s Deputy CIO, Jeffrey Sherman

  • Named one of “Ten Managers to Watch” by Money Management Executive in 20185

DoubleLine’s Founder, Jeffrey Gundlach

  • 2017 Inducted into the FIASI Fixed Income Hall of Fame6
  • 2016, 2015 and 2012 Named to Bloomberg Markets’ magazine7 “50 Most Influential”
  • 2014 Named one of Forbes8 “Most Powerful People”
  • 2013 Named Institutional Investor’s9 “Money Manager of the Year”
  • 2011 Named “Fund Leader of the Year” by Fund Action10
  • 2011 Named to Fortune Magazine’s Investor’s Guide11 “Mutual Fund All-Stars”
  • Lead portfolio manager, was a nominee for Morningstar’s “Fixed Income Manager of the Decade”12 in 2009

AUM Breakdown as of 4Q 2017

*  Includes Bank Loans and other Floating Rate securities.

**  DoubleLine Alternatives LP is the registered advisor for all Commodity strategies listed in the table.

DoubleLine is committed to our clients

  • Our objective is to deliver better risk-adjusted returns to the client

Structure & Platform

  • Substantial resources are invested in staff and systems to match resources with the demands of managing market risk and complying with client guidelines
  • Employee ownership reinforces firm-wide stability and makes the investment team and principals more directly accountable to the client

  1. Risk Magazine Institutional Investor of the Year– Banks and other service providers are encouraged to nominate investors that have made significant gains through their use of structured derivatives, who can demonstrate best practice in risk management using innovative structures, or who have executed an innovative trade.
  2. Winners of the Risk Awards in the end-user categories were nominated because they demonstrate best practice in risk management/derivatives trades, have made significant improvements to risk management, have executed an innovative trade or, in the case of hedge funds, posted good returns in a difficult environment.
  3. Institutional investor U.S. Fixed Income—Mortgage Backed Securities award winners are chosen by the editorial staff of Institutional Investor magazine based on their market intelligence, performance data and additional information received from the industry following a public call for nominations.
  4. Foundations & Endowments -The manager awards recognize several achievements, such as innovative investment strategies, attentive client service and an effort to find solutions tailored to nonprofits.
  5. 2018, Money Management Executive, “Ten Fund Managers to Watch.” Managers were chosen based on factors including long-and short-term performance in their specific categories, individual strategies and their length of time in the business. All funds considered were led by single managers.
  6. 2017, Fixed Income Analysts Society, Inc. (FIASI), Fixed Income Hall of Fame. In 1995, the Fixed Income Analysts Society established a Hall of Fame to recognize the lifetime achievements of outstanding practitioners in the advancement of the analysis of fixed-income securities and portfolios. Inductees will have made major contributions to the advancement of fixed-income analysis and portfolio management. These contributions may be academic, business-related or FIASI-related. The Board of Directors determines the annual inductees.
  7. Bloomberg Markets 50 Most Influential magazine editors ask reporters and editors to submit candidates. A panel of senior editors vets and votes, narrowing the field to 50. They are people who drive some of the major trends sweeping the world of finance. They rely on the rankings, profiles, and cover stories they publish throughout the year in Bloomberg Markets. #19, #21, and #22.
  8. Forbes Most Powerful list measuring power in four dimensions: 1) Power over lots of other people, 2) Financial resources controlled by each person measuring company’s assets and revenues. 3) Powerful in multiple spheres or areas 4) Candidates actively using that power. A panel of Forbes editors ranked all candidates in each of these four dimensions of power, and those individuals rankings were averaged into a composite score. 69 of 74.
  9. Institutional Investor’s Money Manager of the Year award- Manager winners are selected by the editors of the magazine based on the results of a survey conducted of U.S. institutional investors.
  10. 2011, Mutual Fund Industry Awards (Fund Action), Fund Leader of the Year. The Fund Leader of the Year is awarded to an individual who has made a key impact on their firm or the industry as a whole. This person will be the driving force behind a product or initiative that helps to turnaround their firm’s fortunes, increase assets or have industry-wide implications.
  11. Fortune Mutual Fund All Stars recognize performers were screened to make sure they ranked in the top 20% of peers, over five year period according to Morningstar.
  12. 2009, Morningstar, Finalist for Fixed Income Manager of the Decade. Manager of the Decade award considers the risks assumed to achieve those results and takes into account the strength of the manager, strategy and firm’s stewardship.

* DoubleLine includes DoubleLine Group, DoubleLine Capital LP and DoubleLine Alternatives LP. DoubleLine Group LP is not an investment adviser registered with the SEC.  It provides personnel.  DoubleLine Capital LP and DoubleLine Alternatives LP are investment advisers registered with the SEC under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

Established in 1988, the Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year award recognizes portfolio managers who demonstrate excellent investment skill and the courage to differ from the consensus to benefit investors. To qualify for the award, managers’ funds must have not only posted impressive returns for the year, but the managers also must have a record of delivering outstanding long-term performance and of aligning their interests with shareholders’. The Fund Manager of the Year award winners are chosen based on Morningstar’s proprietary research and in-depth evaluation by its fund analysts.



333 S. Grand Ave.
18th Floor
Los Angeles
CA 90071



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