Our Approach

DoubleLine believes that integrating ESG into our investment process allows us to gain a more holistic view of the relevant investment risks, better understand the potential drivers of performance, and seek better risk-adjusted returns.

When performing an ESG assessment, our investment analysts conduct a qualitative and/or quantitative assessment of relevant ESG factors that we believe may impact certain investments’ risk-return profile. As part of this assessment, we established a proprietary research framework to score certain issuers with respect to material ESG factors. The score is dependent on whether the issuer presents material ESG risks, and/or whether the issuer is believed to be sufficiently mitigating such risks.

As part of our ESG commitment, DoubleLine has established an ESG Advisory Committee to provide appropriate oversight and strategic direction of ESG-related activities. DoubleLine’s ESG investment team  supports the Committee and monitors ESG integration.

Furthermore, DoubleLine is a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment, which is a set of principles supported by the United Nations and adopted by its signatories of institutional investors. The principles seek to understand the investment impact of ESG factors and support signatories in incorporating such factors into their investment practices.

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At DoubleLine, we believe that integrating ESG factors into our research and decision-making process is a prudent and necessary undertaking in serving our clients.

Damien Contes, CFA
Director, ESG, Portfolio Manager

DoubleLine ESG - Damien Contes

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